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18 февраля 2020

Pavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAM
3 года назад

The main stages of ICO TON

After we have carefully studied the WhitePaper of TON’s ICO, we tried to understand its features. After reading it we can conclude that there will be a total of 7 stages, each of which will bring the Blockchain platform closer to the start.

Stage 1

Run external security code, testing the network is required in order to eliminate previously identified problems.

Stage 2

Improving the blockchain and making improvements at the stage of pre-launch.

Stage 3

Begin testing TON’s wallet.

Stage 4

Formation of the Telegram Open Network economy.

Stage 5

Launch of all services and test platform performance.

Stages 6 and 7 will be related to platform maintenance and development of the services that will extend the functionality of the blockchain platform.

We don’t know who the main participants of the project are, information is not disclosed. It is known that the team was composed by reviewing the portfolio of specialists, that’s why only the best of the best programmers were selected. The team has developers from Russia, Argentina, and China, Nikolai Durov is one of the most famous programmers in Russia, Pavel’s brother, is involved in the project as well.

Ordinary people could not participate on the preliminary stage of the Telegram token sales. But if you want to participate in the project, stay up to date with our latest news.

New cryptocurrency

The abbreviation TON stands for Telegram Open Network. It is possible that the project will be renamed to The Open Network, although there is little information about this. TON cryptocurrency from Telegram is a new blockchain. Its technical capabilities far exceed those of other systems. Therefore, a real revolution can embrace the cryptocurrency market.

The main advantage of the TON blockchain is lightning-fast operations. TON is able to process several million transactions per second.

Take for comparison other systems. For example, Bitcoin processes only 7 operations per second, Ethereum – 25. The success of the TON blockchain is promoted by a large number of Telegram users, of which there are now 180 million people worldwide.

hy there is little information about TON

The first information about the TON began to appear since December 2017. However, Pavel Durov and his colleagues didn’t confirm it. The only source of information on TON cryptocurrency is White Paper – a project development plan. This document describes the advantages of the new blockchain. It is expected to attract investment in the project with this document.

This document states that the exchange of TON cryptocurrency among Telegram users is quite legal. Each project participant is scheduled to assign an individual identifier. It is planned to create an advertising exchange in Telegram. It will be possible to purchase mobile applications for TON cryptocurrency. It is planned to use its own Gram cryptocurrency in the TON blockchain. It will be able to use both online and in other marketplaces. Wallets created for Gram coins can be used to store other cryptocurrencies.
This document is not officially confirmed, so no one knows the exact date of launching the project and the price of Gram coins.

Why the TON project is being developed

According to the main developer of the TON Pavel Durov, the new blockchain will allow creating a reliable, independent and stable Internet platform. Blockchain developers aim to create a sustainable and, importantly, self-healing system.

TON and other cryptocurrencies

As already mentioned, in the TON blockchain, operations are processed very quickly. In terms of its capabilities, TON surpasses payment systems such as Visa and Master Card. For comparison: TON processes several million operations per second, whereas Visa and Master Card are able to process only 30,000 operations. Even the most famous cryptocurrencies are inferior to TON in transaction processing speed. In Ethereum transaction processing rate is 25 per second, in Bitcoin – 7 transactions per second.

TON is connected with the Telegram messenger. This allows its users to conduct internal and external operations with the help of the TON currency. Moreover, transactions are already being carried out among Telegram users; it contributes to an increase in the potential of the system.
Since the speed of the TON blockchain is very high, it can become an alternative payment tool.

When the TON cryptocurrency and its tokens are released

As it has become known from unofficial sources, the release of a new cryptocurrency is scheduled for the spring of 2018. In the same year, it is planned to launch an external security code, Telegram wallet in a new stable version. At the beginning of 2019, the launch of a proxy server, storage and blockchain economy is planned.

TON blockchain services

The blockchain TON includes auxiliary elements in large quantities. Since the individual blocks are separated and connected, it becomes possible to scale without knowing the boundaries. In addition, Pavel Durov has developed TON cryptocurrency in such a way that it is possible to develop mobile applications with its help.
TON tokens

TON cryptocurrency tokens are an opportunity for the initial placement of coins. Those who wish are given the opportunity to buy a certain number of so-called “coins”. These “coins” can be used in the calculations and payments of various services.

It is worth noting that there is no TON cryptocurrency mining.
As for investments, the project developers plan to attract up to $ 5 billion in tokens. These funds will be provided for the development of the project.

TON perspectives

The plan of the TON blockchain developers is to release coins in the amount of 5 billion. Of these, 52% is expected to freeze in order to prevent speculation on value. The project developers will take 4% of the coins. 44% of the coins will be sold on the market freely. They can be purchased for everyone. And since there is no TON currency mining, then the volume of coins will remain unchanged.

How much TON and tokens cost

Nobody knows the exact value of the TON coins yet. It is assumed that the initial cost of Gram coins will be approximately 10-30 cents. And it also assumed a rapid increase in the cost of TON cryptocurrency due to the advantages of the blockchain. The growth of the cost of the TON is expected to reach $ 3.5 per coin.

Differences of Gram wallet from others

For the Gram coin, it is supposed to create your own wallet. The wallet will use double encryption for secure storage of coins and anonymity of the wallet owner and processed transactions. In addition, as already mentioned, the Gram wallet will be designed to store other cryptocurrencies.

TON release and Telegram work

The messenger itself has beneficial differences from other similar programs. They are interface convenience, high-speed data transmission, reliable methods of protection, and the possibility of self-destruction of chats. In addition, Telegram users are completely anonymous.
And thanks to the emergence of TON cryptocurrency Telegram got new advantages. Inside the system, it will be possible to perform various operations, for example, calling a taxi, paying for goods and services, purchasing of crypto coins.

As soon as the new cryptocurrency made itself felt, many participants added to the Telegram messenger. Every day more than 500 thousand users join the telegram.


Projects similar to TON exist. For example, in the Chinese messenger WeChat, they use their own coins in the calculations. A similar project was in the social network VKontakte. However, the project was unsuccessful and it is not valid at the moment.

The impact of TON cryptocurrency on the financial sector

Opinions of experts about how the new cryptocurrency will affect the financial sector have diverged. Some experts believe that the high speed of processing operations, as well as the lack of coin mining, make it possible to work with other monetary instruments. This will give impetus to competition with banks. The second part of the experts believes that the place for the new cryptocurrency is only in Telegram and it will not affect the banking system. As they say, wait and see.

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Pavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAM
3 года назад

When will TON’s wallet appear?

When it comes to launching the Telegram Open Network blockchain platform, one wonders when the Telegram wallet will appear and how it will differ from others. To begin with, we will try to highlight the main advantages of the project and help ordinary users understand them.

First, let’s look at the features of the wallet.

It will be the first app created on the Telegram Open Network platform. Its main advantages are versatility and usability. Clients will be able to use the wallet in the messenger.
Telegram wallet in “questions and answers”

We offer short answers to wallet related questions.

When will official website of TON’s wallet appear?

The official site will appear shortly before the launch of the application. It is not available, which means you cannot create a wallet and transfer cryptocurrency.

There is instruction on how to create and register a GRAM wallet on the Net. Can we trust it?

As long as there is no an official site and the software engineers do not announce the launch of the application, any instruction is fake, and therefore you cannot trust it.

Can I buy GRAM today?

Open sale of GRAM coin is not available. If someone offers you to make a deposit for the tokens in order to buy them in the future, you are dealing with fraudsters.

As soon as any information about the launch of the application or the official website appears on the network, you’ll be the first to know it. Be careful, take care of your money, and follow our news.

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Pavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAM
3 года назад

The scope of Telegram Open Network (TON)… where its end?

Today, cryptocurrency plays an important role in the development of technologies and economics. This digital currency is used for secure online payments and savings. As already known, one of the most popular digital currencies is a Bitcoin. A cryptocurrency has been leading the digital asset market for several years. What awaits the cryptocurrency market in the future?

Pavel Durov, the co-founder of VK and Telegram projects, wants to launch his own digital payment currency.

On April 17, 2018, at the presentation, it was announced about creation of the Telegram Open Network (TON) payment system.

In collaboration with Wirecard AG (Germany), developers have already begun to work to reach the set targets. In the future, this innovative idea will serve the development of the global banking and financial systems.

Initially, it was planned to introduce blockchain technology, which will simplify the life of society and all spheres of life, starting with Internet payments, other banking services, and ending with secure communication in the network. The partnership with TON Lab will help improve the service of the Telegram messenger. The software engineers have already begun to test the project, which means that the launch of the platform will be very soon.

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Pavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAM
3 года назад

The development of the TON platform is almost complete at 92%

As it became known from reliable sources, the development of the Telegram Open Network platform is 92% complete. Interim stages of creating blockchain platform for Gram Cryptocurrency have already been able to evaluate some of the major investors of the project. Blockchain platform will be able to solve many key problems faced by modern Cryptocurrencies.

The platform will feature high performance.
It can almost completely replace global payment systems.

TON will be a great platform for trading, instead of just being a messenger for socially active citizens. The author of the encryption protocol MTProto, which underlies the creation of the Telegram messenger and a number of key subsystems of the social network VKontakte, was the ingenious programmer Nikolai Durov.

There is little information on the network, but we know for sure that work is done ahead of schedule.

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Pavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAM
3 года назад

Where are the TON launch companies officially registered?

Companies Telegram Group Inc. and TON Issuer Inc., which announce the Telegram Open Network project, are registered in the British Virgin Islands. In a short time, during the closed pre-sale of Gram tokens, companies were able to attract 81 investors and a total of $850 million to create the Telegram Open Network blockchain platform.

Companies were able to set a world record in ICO funding and attract more money than the IPO of all Russian companies over the past few years.

According to the Whitelist of the project, the launch of the platform is planned before October 31, 2019. This time is needed to create all the necessary applications and test them before launching the blockchain platform.
As we reported earlier, Telegram attracted about $1.7 billion of investment for the development of the project.

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