Cyprus travel

Cyprus travel

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Up in the kykkos mountains there is a beautiful monastery named " Panagia toy Kykkou". ( Mother of jeasus kykkos monastery ) Is the most famous monastery in cyprus and is located alone up and inside the mountains of troodos. travelling there is a real pleasure through amazing view of trees and nature. This photo is exactly near the kykkos monastery. You can see the beautiful view and a small new church on the right. When arriving to the monastery you will feel strange and amazing.looking from up all these mountains the sky and breathing the clean air. This church is alone in the mountains is big with monks living there. 

Going inside the church you will feel that you enter in the house of god. everything is gold painted and looks luxury. All the equipment inside the church is luxury and so well crafted .After looking around you will see the unforgettable painting of mother of jesus. The original painting is small and they moved there after a god wish from "Αντιοχεια" at 1900 ( A Greek city -today in turkey center of christianity founded by Alexander the Great ). For protecting it they make a new silver sculpture outside from the original painting in a bigger frame. Mother of god face is covered with a cloth and you can see and warship and hold her hands. You can stay there holding her hands closing your eyes and feel this different feeling. 

After a discussion we had with a Monk there he said us the following story: during the decades from 1900 until today there was a lot of fires in the church. the reason of fires is that the church is located in mountains inside the trees in nature and people travelling there to worship and lighting candles. candles can bring. So the monastery is been destroyed 2-3 times and is been reconstructed again. One of those fires inside the church was a DISABLED man that couldnt walk. he go there to ask help from mother of jesus and for wοrship And during the fire the mother of jesus talk to him: i am asking you to wake up come and save me". 

The man waked up from his disabled chair he walked… he took the painting and he went outside the church under a tree. monks arrived there to save the church they found this man sitting under tree holding the painting in his arms… So it was a god wish the painting to be saved from all these fires took place in the monastery. A Place you have to visit during staying in cyprus!