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ICO is the primary placement of coins, TON’s Cryptocurrency. Telegram’s Coins can be used to pay for services or mutual settlements via blockchain.

Investments raised during the ICO are planned to be used on the project development. Moreover, for Gram cryptocurrency, ICO will become the only way to raise start-up capital, that is necessary for the development of mobile applications, and functionality of the blockchain.

Telegram Open Network ICO and its features

TON is a large-scale project from Durov brother, popular developers of the Telegram messenger. It is already considered one of the biggest in the history of ICO. Its main feature is rapid development, the lack of large advertising campaigns, who could not hide the project from the attention of blockchain-enthusiasts. Telegram’s ICO is considered as a major breakthrough in the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain in general.


Is there really a big future for the project?

Let’s consider the main key components of the project, to understand how important it is that everything is thought out to the smallest details.

Product features

Even before the beginning of the ICO, TON had a finished product prototype. The reason why the project is so impressive, is because it is combined with the convenience and functionality of the messenger, which many users have rated.
Information about the audience

In the first quarter of 2018, the audience of the project amounted to 200 million people. This number of users was registered even before the release of the 

TON’s project White Paper.

According to statistics, more than 500 thousand users are joining the messenger daily.

Good team

Everyone knows Pavel Durov as an authoritative figure in the IT world. Thanks to his connections, he created a team of experienced pros, among which many prize-winners of the world’s programming championships. That is why a lot of people trust the project, and ate making their decisions based on that.

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