What is TON?

Pavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAMPavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAM

What is TON?

TON is a new blockchain project called Telegram Open Network, which will be different from other blockchain by large technical opportunities and instant transactions.

Example for comparison

Bitcoin blockchain processes 7 transactions per second.
Ethereum blockchain processes 25 transactions per second.
Payment systems Visa and Mastercard are processing just under 30,000 transactions per second.
Blockchain platform TON can handle up to several million transactions per second.

What is TON?

The basis of the new blockchain will be a large user network Telegram, which today has more than 200 million people around the world.

To take advantage of the blockchain, first of all, Telegram users will be able to conduct external and internal operations.

Thanks to the speed of information processing TON over time can be a great alternative to traditional billing tools.

Features of the Telegram Open Network Blockchain

The main feature of the TON blockchain – is:

Scalability, high information processing speed and high level of data protection.
First, the blockchain will work in conjunction with the Telegram messenger. After some time, TON will separate and will continue develop as an independent project.

Why is TON blockchain necessary?

Initially, the new blockchain was created as completely stable, reliable and state-independent internet platform with possibility of self-healing.

The influence of blockchain on finance

Experts who understand the intricacies of financial systems, split in the opinions regarding the influence of the TON blockchain and Gram cryptocurrency on the financial system. First, inside TON blockchain will be a high transaction rate that determines its popularity. Secondly, there will be an opportunity to interact with other financial instruments, so the Gram and the TON platform will be able to compete with banks and other financial institutions.

There is another opinion, according to which the new Gram cryptocurrency will be popular only among the users of the Telegram messenger and will not be able to squeeze out state and commercial banks. But even so that the coin Gram fully performs its functions, further development of the system is necessary. Tokens will grow in popularity with the help of the

Telegram messenger.

We will track news about cryptocurrency so that you can learn more about the new project and its capabilities.