P. Durov asked Yandex developers to join the Telegram team

Pavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAMPavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAM

P. Durov asked Yandex developers to join the Telegram team

The Russian authorities provoke a massive outflow of users from the Russian segment of the Internet. This is because the FSB has begun to oppress various platforms and apps demanding to give access keys to users’ personal data. At the moment, the Yandex searcher has encountered this problem. Frankly, Yandex refused to give them. Taking into account the difficult situation in Russia, Pavel Durov offered Yandex developers a job in Telegram.

The reasons for Durov’s offer

Durov believes that the domestic Internet industry has trained many young and talented developers. However, due to constant restrictions, they cannot operate at full capacity. In fact, talented developers are losing to foreign competitors.

Durov noted that he organized a kind of “Noah’s Ark” for the best developers working at VK. They received an invitation to join the Telegram team. Now Pavel Durov has decided to make a similar offer to the developers of Yandex. He is delighted with the way Yandex News is organized. In keeping with the atmosphere of censorship and focus only on the Russian-speaking segment, Yandex continues to show amazing results.

At the moment, Telegram has the necessary amount of data and the necessary technologies to create a news recommendation system. At the same time, there is no political censorship!

Instant6 View technology provides the ability to read materials of more than 6 thousand publications around the world. You can read them with the help of any device. Statistical data for each individual country, using algorithms, determine the most relevant content for a specific time.

You can start recommending articles from the Recommended Articles after each Telegram article is read. Subsequently, the news can be displayed in a separate platform with hourly updates of the news feed and search for news content on all news sites of the world.

Simultaneously with the recommendation of the news content, the platform will be engaged in the selection of the most interesting videos.

Durov said that specialists could apply through @jobs_bot. In addition, Pavel focused on the fact that the remuneration for work in Telegram is much higher than in Yandex or Google. Frankly, he expressed the hope that money will not be the main motive for making a decision.

P. Durov believes that the Telegram team has a real opportunity to create the first in the history of the Internet not only efficient but also free news aggregator.

It should be noted that it has not previously been reported that Telegram is working on the creation of such a platform.