The main tasks of Telegram Open Network

Pavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAMPavel Durov - VK, Vkontach, Telegram, TON, GRAM

The main tasks of Telegram Open Network

The main task that developers of the Telegram Open Network set for themselves is to create a blockchain platform with an intuitive interface. First of all, it was necessary to study the demand and make a user-friendly interface. The developers are doing everything so that an ordinary user can see all the advantages of the blockchain platform, and first of all – the speed of the transaction in the TON network and minimum fees.

Proof of Stake protocol will make payments secure. The Telegram messenger will have a built-in online wallet that will operate on mobile devices without the need to the need to download the entire blockchain platform.

Where will the private key be stored?

There will be no single service for storing keys. They will be stored only by users. The Ton blockchain-platform will create optimal conditions for users who live in different countries and continents. It will be possible to hide data, IP addresses, register domain addresses based on the TON blockchain platform, store data, etc.

The blockchain community has already gotten tired of many blockchain platforms. Moreover, many platforms cannot guarantee data integrity.

Now let’s imagine that today Telegram is used by a large number of people (more than 200 million users) and in the near future, the number of users can reach 1 billion.

This means that the blockchain platform will be in demand not only among members of the cryptocurrency community but also among ordinary users.