Gram Cryptocurrency

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Gram Cryptocurrency

Project TON’s Gram Tokens – Universal cryptocurrency, which can eventually be used inside the project, as well as other cryptocurrency platforms. After the project will start running, all users will be able to legally share Gram tokens. With it, you can buy interesting applications through a special service, which will feature similar functionality to the one you can find at the AppStore or Google Play.

Gram tokens will be stored in a special TON wallet, along with other Cryptocurrencies

In order to prevent speculations on the price of the token, part of the Gram’s coins 52% will be frozen, 4% of tokens will be kept by the developers, and the remaining 44% will be sold for Fiat, which everyone will be able to buy. The number of coins that will go on the Cryptocurrency market will be unchanged since mining of Gram tokens is not supported by the project.

Gram’s competitors

The TON project cryptocurrency has only one tangible competitor among the instant messengers and it is the Chinese messenger WeChat, which uses specially created coins as a means of payment between users within the network. Social Network VKontakte can be considered as another competitor. Back in 2010 it’s developers suggested using specially created currency as a means of payment within the social network VKontakte, but the inside currency turned out to be a failure, and was abandoned.

Gram Cryptocurrency will be radically different from competitors due to high security requirements. It will be provided by a specially developed Telegram blockchain, which will be used for quick transaction processing.

Price of the Gram Cryptocurrency

After the TON blockchain starts, the cost of the Gram token will be higher than it is now, the price will grow rapidly, November 2019 it’s price will be from 10 to 17 dollars per unit.

Using Gram cryptocurrency, it will be possible to process everyday transactions, and make deals. For example, using it without any problems you can call a taxi, pay for a product or service, buy currency and store them on special, anonymous wallets that are protected from hacker attacks.

How much is the Gram in rubles for today?

This question is difficult to answer, since the coin is not up for sale yet. But, if you analyze the value of the coins at the time of the primary sale when the rate of Gram to the dollar ranged from 0.33 cents up to 1.33 dollars, and even up to 3.5 dollars, then with respect to ruble Gram will rise to 70-80 rubles.

If demand will grow, then, most likely, the TON cryptocurrency rate will grow, and one coin will cost up to 240 rubles. According to some unconfirmed information, the cost of the Gram token can be up to 700 rubles for one token. At the same time, the blockchain developers have taken a number of measures, and because of that, fluctuations of the token price is very unlikely.